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Ask any SME about one of the pitfalls of being their own boss and I’m sure they will mutter something about not having enough time to think let alone take a break.

I suppose being a sole business owner can often mean the buck stops with you. Time pressures and delivering results for your client can put you under the pump and leave you in a spin wondering where all the hours in the day went. Between answering emails, checking stock levels, taking phone calls and the general upkeep of a business, the idea of a holiday is about as achievable as a walk on the moon!… or so you thought.

In an article I read on the Telstra website, a survey commissioned by Telstra business and  the council of small business of Australia found that 30% of small business owners took no time off last year and 64% had only one weeks leave or less ALL YEAR!

Now I’m all for working hard to get results but we’ve all heard the saying “All work no play makes jack a dull boy” Leaving no time for one’s self can result in poor management, higher stress levels and the eventual business burn out. This is not good for long term productivity. Like the RTA message rings for driving long distances. STOP. REVIVE. SURVIVE. The same can be said for business owners!

Look closer at your business and find some ways to cut down on your time and free up some time for yourself. I found this article on very interesting

Take a look; it might save you some time or a nervous breakdown 🙂


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