Keeping Your Cool With Customer Service, My Friday Rant

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So I’m going a bit off the finance track here but bare with me I do have a point.

This morning I got on the bus to get to work, for those of you who take the public transport option will be aware that some of the buses are still running on the old system of payment but most have converted to ticket only. Now where I get the bus it usually has a payment or ticket facility, the bus ride is a short one (literally a 5 minute ride – yes I know I could walk (I usually do) but today I opted to wear my wedges so walking is not an option). So I got on the bus and was hoping to pay. When I asked this, the bus driver yelled at me. He was still yelling at me as I was trying to get off the bus. “Ticket only! Ticket only” I told him to relax but got off the bus feeling annoyed.

Why are people so angry these days? It was a Friday morning, the sun was shining and yet this bus driver acted like I just asked him if I could drive the bus instead.

In customer service isn’t it just a given that you educate your customers not give them attitude if they misunderstand something?

I feel like people are a not as resistant to talking down to a customer these days. Now this was a bus ride so it’s not like I’m going to take my business elsewhere, but my point is – it’s the same concept applied to any type of service.  A customer does not like it when they are spoken to unfavorably. It makes them feel bad and in my case slightly embarrassed. If he was a shop owner I can guarantee you I would never go back.

There is a way to speak to people. Keep this in mind when speaking to your customers. Be patient, be understanding and when possible try to educate not intimidate. Always be mindful that people don’t forget a bad customer service experience. I know this is business 101 but I just needed to get that off my chest.

And just remember to relax a little bit. Your customers will pick up on your vibe and not want to deal with you.

Happy Friday everyone!

Had a bad customer service experience? Leave me a comment below and don’t forget to enter the draw to win the iPad2 below.


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  • Caroline Harney

    Dear Julia,

    I thoroughly enjoyed this friday rant and completely agree. As a consumer and customer I like to feel valued or at least respected! A little bit of politeness goes along way.

    Educate not intimidate! … these are very wise words.

    • Julia

      Thanks for your comments Caroline. I’m sure you agree its the little things that count.
      Glad you enjoyed my friday rant, hope you have a lovely day.

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