Importing Products using Trade Finance

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Don’t delay Imports

No need to delay The current delays with imports, have more businesses using trade finance to fund growth in their business. Trade finance gives you flexibility so that you can purchase products from suppliers and then pay for it as you sell it.

Trade Finance is a great cash flow solution for businesses that import equipment or supplies from overseas.  This will allow you to take out a lease or chattel mortgage once the equipment arrives in Australia.

Trade Finance has many great benefits:

  1. Create greater relationships with Suppliers
  2. Take advantage for bulk purchasing or discounts offered by Suppliers
  3. Less risk with working with international companies as AR Cash Flow is involved to help make the transaction safer.
  4. Improves your business cash flow

How do you apply for Trade Finance

AR Cash Flow offers a pre-approval process. We can determine the amount for trade finance and help you anticipate potential cash flow bottlenecks in your business. 

Apply now and get approval within 24 hours.

If you, or your clients, need some additional funding support, contact any of us!

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