My Friday Rant – It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry.

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I came across an article on dynamic news this morning that reminded me of what a tumultuous year 2011 has been so far, with a string of natural disasters hitting not only our Australian shores but overseas too.

With devastating affects ripping through QLD, WA, Victoria and overseas to Japan and NZ.

When a natural disaster hits, it’s usually without warning. The world stops, we hold our breath collectively and are totally gob smacked. Every channel is saturated with on the spot news updates, interviews, raw footage and statistics. We sit and watch, stunned, not being able to imagine something like that happening to us. It’s devastating and heartbreaking, and made worse by the fact that these people were blind sighted and literally left with nothing.

In the wake of these disasters, what happens to these people and their businesses? How do they pick up the pieces and bounce back after such an ordeal?

In this article featured on dynamic news, the author David Hechter, outlines tips and directions for businesses to follow after a natural disaster strikes. It also suggests a few ideas that should be taken into consideration as a precautionary method. Simple steps like “always back up your records and keep the back-up in a safe place” and “Create alternative supply lines to keep your business running”.

While we don’t like to entertain the thought of a disaster striking, we would be ignorant, if not foolish to assume “that it couldn’t happen to us”. It’s smart thinking to have a plan B for your business. As the old saying goes – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Check out the article here at , there could be a few small, yet vital steps to ensure your business can recover.

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