Laser Cleaning Machine Funding

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The Opportunity

  • The client discovered that existing and potential buyers had a need for high end, rapid laser cleaning services.
  • In the region that our client is based, there is a shortage of laser cleaners

The Problem:

Specialised equipment can be difficult to procure here in Australia. Once sourced, the real challenge starts – how to fund the purchase.

Banks and non-banks will not finance goods if there is a risk they won’t perform. In other words, financiers want to know the goods work (and exist) prior to providing finance. Our Client is a relatively new business.

Offshore manufacturers of these items will not release goods until they are paid for in full. This creates a financing challenge.

Solution Revealed:

Our credit team’s vast knowledge of import finance, and our credit appetite, allowed us to promptly approve the facility.

The Client then paid a deposit against the equipment. AR Cashflow financed the balance. A crucial element for approval was our network of suppliers that survey equipment before shipping. This allowed us to ensure the equipment existed and was fit for its purpose. In this case, the equipment was manufactured in China.

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