I need funding for a new business, How?

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AR Cash Flow has just introduced a Business Launch Program.

[blockquote]After working with many entrepreneurs over the years providing funding for business ventures & new ideas in their infancy we have now released our launch program aimed directly at helping like minded individuals get the start they need[/blockquote] (see more)

Being an entrepreneurial based lender means we have the flexibility and experience to asses business ventures based on the strength of the individuals behind the ideas and their proven record to either sell or provide what they propose. This is considered to be one of our key strengths.

Helping many start up companies reach their potential in such industries as pharmaceuticals, drink manufacturers, wholesalers and importers we invite you to contact a product specialist today for a discussion on how we can help or leave a reply below and be contacted within 24 hours.

(more information regarding the program will be available shortly)

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  • Tim Xenos

    We are a beverage company which is starting up, but have brands and customers ready to order. The directors have spent 8 years in the beverage industry and have taken a new direction. We are seeking capital to assist with our cash flow. It is required to produce products for our orders.

  • Leigh Dunsford

    Hi Tim,

    Please email our Product Specialist with your contact details; [email protected]

    Thank you.

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