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I just stumbled across an article for Australia’s top female entrepreneurs for 2011 ( I must say I got a little excited, if not inspired to perhaps one day start my own business.

I looked at the 2009/10 revenue for business woman like Leslie Gillespie owner of Bakers Delight ($566 million) and Janine Allis from Boost Juice ($135 million) and I think to myself what if these ladies didn’t pursue their business idea and decided it was unachievable? What if they put it in the too hard basket and went on with their daily 9-5 job none the wiser that they were sitting on a potential goldmine?
[blockquote]Maybe you want to start your own business? Perhaps you feel you’re at a stage in your life when you’re ready to take the next steps to ensure that it happens.[/blockquote]

You have researched your market, your product/idea is solid and your marketing plan is clearly defined. But there’s one thing holding you back! Money! money! money! If only someone would take a chance on you and help you kick start your business?

Enter AR Cash Flow. Because we ourselves are an entrepreneurial business we understand the mentality of the entrepreneur and the fundamental needs a business requires to flourish early on. Like a flower a business can’t grow unless watered and nourished. (Oh gotta love a good metaphor). AR Cash Flow offers what we call our ‘Business Launch Program’ which purely focuses on startup ventures and new business ideas in their infancy.

If you need assistance to get your business up and running there are just a few necessities AR may ask for

–          You have a great product on offer that ensures sales

–          A clear and detailed business plan. Facts and figures must be considered.

–          Proof you can get orders

–          A good strong pending/potential customer base

If you can bring all these things to the table you may be eligible for funding. Who knows you could be the next Richard Branson! All it takes is a good idea and a lot of determination! A financial backer doesn’t hurt either!

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