Invoice and Trade Finance – how much does it really cost?

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AR Cash Flow is a one-stop-shop for fast, easy access to all types of business finance including working capital, company acquisition, equipment finance, business start-up loans, loan refinancing, and commercial property… regardless of your situation.

Invoice and Trade Finance Offers A Great Solution To:

  • Businesses that have regular paying customers.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises need working capital to keep expanding.
  • For businesses that are coming out of a tight trading environment that needs cash today to bridge the gap between invoicing customers and getting paid.
  • Seasonal cash flow variations.

How much does invoice and trade finance cost?
How much does a facility cost and what are the rates and fees?
Are you the same as a bank or less expensive?

There is no set rate card, what we offer is specialized and tailored individually to each business and their needs.

There are no costs straight up not until we receive an application and look into your business. However, we can tell you how the pricing is structured…

Here are a few key questions:

  • How much is a facility worth to you? 
  • Do you have a business case to present to us (or more importantly to yourself) that will make us want to finance you?
  • What problems are finance going to able to solve for you? And how much money is it worth throwing at the problem to get it solved?
  • How much profit are you going to make once a facility is in place?

“You don’t know your value until you know your result.” 

To keep our pricing low, we need longer relationships with our clients so we can spread our costs over a longer period. This is better as it works out to be a lower cost per transaction for you the client.

From there, rates are dictated by numerous factors including:

  • Spread of customers
  • Risk of goods
  • Paperwork
  • State of your company (business history)
  • Proven orders going forward

A lot of people complain the banks and financiers aren’t lending money but the real question is why do they want to lend you money? Are you a sound investment?

If you need help understanding the best way forward for your company, call or email us to book an appointment with our product specialist.

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