You can’t beat the tweet

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I almost always come across people talking about, people in my personal life and in business, it’s talked about everywhere. We use twitter here at AR Cash Flow as tool to let our clients and visitors know what projects we are working on and also our thoughts about random topics of interest which helps us connect directly with our followers.

Using twitter as a business tool requires some patience and understanding of how the world wide web has evolved over the last five years (or even 12 months!). Twitter put simply is a tool to connect others together in real-time with a series of short messages like text messaging on your phone. It allows you and your followers to see what’s taking place right now allowing people to interact with you instantly.

I could write you a really long article about the power of twitter and how to get it working for your business however for my first post about technology I will give you some useful resources to visit first to get your started:

The obvious:

My favourite book: Twitter Power by Joel Comm

URL Shortening service: (you will learn about this in the above book or google it)

The above is just some of the tools to use and there are loads more to check out.

Check out this great video from the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien

If you want any tips make sure you comment below for a response.

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