Low Expectations Lead to Success!!

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I’ve just been reading an articles from one of my favourite business websites Flyingsolo.com.au (read it here) about sustaining the “holiday feeling” by Peter Crocker and I can’t help but disagree with the point of view of lowering our expectation in business and these types of headlines frustrate me a little because the whole reason we are in business is to gain more freedom or we should all look for a job instead of running our own business right? Set realistic expectations and set them high, you will be amazed at what you can achieve but if you set them low you will never achieve the success you always talk about.

I do completely agree with the statement about writing down your goals, after all how do you know where you’re heading every day without a clear goal, you’d be like a ship sailing down the coast trying to head into port without a rudder!

Check out this video by Brian Tracy: Brian Tracy: Powerful Success Secrets to Get Goals Faster!

Another great thing I try to do every night, is think about what I am doing tomorrow, what is the single most effective action I can take tomorrow that will give me maximum results . The thing that pops up more often than not is to create more systems and processes for the things I am doing so that I can hand these tasks to other people, giving me more freedom to work on the next most important task to achieve my goals.

Got any tips for goal setting? Feel free to comment on this article…

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