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What an exciting time for young businesses to grow and shine!

I know I have commented a lot lately on entrepreneurs and starting your own business but it just impresses me so much. It is so inspiring to know that one little idea can flourish into a successful and profitable empire. It also fascinates me that the main thing stopping people isn’t acquiring funds, or expensive marketing or not enough time – it seems the biggest stopper is fear.

As Fleur Madden-Topley proclaims in her article featured on dynamic business.com.au (http://www.dynamicbusiness.com.au/blogs/130411.html) she’s glad she started her business when she was younger and not filled with fear and doubt as she believes that could have stopped her. Now she owns a successful company.[blockquote]If you ask me – Along with a clear business idea/plan, the key fundamentals to start a business is passion, determination and the willingness to roll up your sleeves and do some self promotion. (Some capital would be nice too :)[/blockquote]

With social media, the internet and now the overseas exchange rate soaring – the aussie dollar is on par with US. There’s no better time to investigate starting your own business. Start throwing some ideas around – You too could start an online business and perhaps make a buck easier than you anticipated.

You could even launch and advertise your business for free. As Nikki Durkin found out when she launched 99dresses.com on facebook and now has a thriving and successful business. Did I mention Nicky is 19? She’s just a fantastic example of how business and success is not reserved for 40 year olds with management degrees and lots of money to invest. Another point to note is, I believe Nikki’s first business venture was buying t-shirts from an overseas supplier and selling them via the net  when she was just 15 and still in school! Impressive huh!

Although the aussie dollar is subject to change by the end of the year it’s still at an all time high. How can you take advantage of this to maximize the growth of your new business? You’ve got the marketing under control and the customer orders flying through the door, now all you need is to import your goods. How do you tackle this properly to maximise the aussie dollar and buy stock without threatening your cash flow?

With import finance you can fund your inventory orders.  And can free up cash for other things. You also don’t have the pressure to buy in bulk in case you don’t have the funds available again. You know you can regularly fund your stock orders as you need them. Take the pressure off.

Don’t let fear be the reason you don’t get to share your ideas with the world. You could be the proud owner of a thriving business before you know it!

For more information on Import finance check out trade finance website [icon_link style=”link” href=”http://www.artradefinance.com.au/” target=”_blank”]www.artradefinance.com.au[/icon_link]

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