Social Media, Can New Laws Damage Business?

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Are you in danger or getting tangled in the social web?

Are you in danger of getting tangled in the social web?

I came across a recent article at recently and it didn’t surprise me to see that in Australia new laws have been set in place that can ultimately discourage businesses from embracing the new social media or Web 3.0.

“Allens Arthur Robinson partner and head of the firm’s workplace relations group, Adam Lunn, said and adverse action clause in the new Fair Work Act meant interaction on websites such as Facebook and Twitter between employers and employees could have wider implications.”

Are things being take too far with Workplace Legislation, do the governing bodies actually understand what’s going on with social media enough to realise that business need to embrace the new technologies or face been left behind.

“What may be meant as an innocent comment via social media by an employer to an employee may lead to bosses facing lawsuits for unlimited damages for harassment, bullying or discrimination.”

From the above comment I think it’s fair to say if your boss is making comments on his/her employees through social media where it can be viewed by the world then he/she needs to seriously re-evaluate their position!

View the entire article here: New laws threaten social media: lawyer

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