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Ho ho ho! I think I’m going to rephrase that and say Go Go Go!

You might think Christmas is in the far off distance and I suppose by time standards you are correct however in the land of SME’s now is the time to start preparing! Think back to Christmas 2010. How did your business suffer or succeed? Did you have a high demand on goods you couldn’t afford to supply? Did you do all that you could to ensure your business experienced maximum success?[blockquote]My advice is to start creating a list of things to think about in order to properly service your customers in Christmas 2011.[/blockquote] This may seem like an obvious suggestion however even though Christmas comes around the same time every year, it seems businesses are still unprepared and shocked by the extra demand it brings.

Let me ask you this – have you prepared for the following; extra supply and demand? Last minute orders? Online requests? Returns? Have you considered you may need to take on more staff in this period hence outlay more cash? And finally have you thought that perhaps Christmas is a great time to leverage your product, offer some new deals and potentially take on some new customers?

Not only is Christmas a time to prepare for an influx of orders and extra stock it’s also a fantastic marketing opportunity that if done well can almost do the selling for itself. People are ruthless at Christmas time – the desperation of the last minute shop is a shoe in for businesses to oversell. If your offer is a stand out people will flock.

So if you have a great offer and you have a high demand, you know you’re going to need extra stock.

Don’t get caught out this Christmas being short on capital to buy inventory! If you are unable to guarantee product before Christmas you’ve lost a customer right there. Shoppers who can’t buy their goods before Christmas are going to go somewhere else! If you do fall short, you may miss out on a potential goldmine.

Contact our Inventory Finance Product Specialist on 1300 652 158  to get the ball rolling to see if you qualify – you may qualify even if you don’t own property assets! Don’t let your customers down this festive season. Be prepared. Think Smart and let your business flourish.

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