Weighing Up Your Funding Options With Debtor Finance

 In Debtor Finance, Invoice Factoring

If you are a struggling (or thriving for that matter) SME and you require some type of finance to generate cash flow, it’s quite normal you would assume you’re only option is to go to a bank. However that may not be your best option.

With a bank you’re going to have to put your house on the line to gain approval for credit, in fact the value of your home determines the amount you are able to borrow. Plus when you put your house on the line as collateral – it’s more than likely your home is someone else’s name as well- like say your husband or wife. So not only are you risking your own home but someone else’s too. It becomes personal.  Your business problem could now also affect your home life too!

How about considering Debtor Finance?

With Debtor finance there is much more flexibility as you are not restricted by a capped limit. Debtor finance is geared to your company’s turnover (your invoices).

Debtor finance relies on the strength of your debtor and not the strength of your business or the property you have put on the line.

For more information on Debtor Finance contact a Product Specialist today on 1300 652 158! To qualify all you need is a Registered ABN, quality customers and good paperwork.


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