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How can you boost your profits and minimise risk?

Start by registering at the link below for our webinar on Trade Finance.

After this live webinar you will;

1. Have an insight into what we have learned about importing so far
2. Be armed with information from the field on how to minimise some of your import risks

Learn from our experiences in a non sales pitch environment, we encourage you to ask as many questions as you like.

Webinar is hosted by Daniel Dunsford and will take place on Wednesday 25th of July at 10am -10.30am (plus questions).

To find out more information on what it’s all about please watch our video below.

To sign up simply click on the link below and register your details.

Video and transcript below

Julia Bonello:              Hi guys. Julia from AR Cash Flow here. In a couple of weeks we’re going to be launching our very first webinar. It’s going to be focusing on trade finance, the mistakes we’ve made, and the lessons we’ve learned. To find out a little bit more about what’s going to be involved, I’m going to ask Daniel a few questions.

Question:                     Tell us about the new webinar you are launching.

Daniel Dunsford:       Business in general is not a perfect science. Debtor finance is not perfect data. No finance is perfect data. Trade finance I feel from our experience is one more degree of separation away from being a perfect science than even debtor finance is. So we’ve been doing this for a number of years now. We’ve had quite a few challenges in this industry which we’ve had to overcome. I want to put this webinar on because I want to show people that there are challenges in trade finance. Here are what some of them are. Here’s been our experience with them, and this is what we’re doing to fix those situations. And it’s also just a way to let people know about those issues and to not let that happen to them and learn from our mistakes or our clients’ mistakes, as well.

Question:                    Why should people sign up for the webinar?

Daniel Dunsford:        They’re going to get an insight into on how a trade financer thinks, how we go about our business. A lot of the time with these transactions we’re stepping into the shoes of the client, and so even if they’re not using trade finance, it’s a good webinar to learn from because as an importer you need  to know all these things and you need to know about some of the risks and the best way to learn about risks is to listen to war stories and learn from the challenges that we’ve faced by actually doing them.

Question:                    How do people sign up?

Daniel Dunsford:        Go to our website or just go to the blog that’s attached to this video and put your email address in and then you’re signed up. It’s that simple. Thank you.

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    Please note we only have space for 25 people on this webinar

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