What You Should Know About Dealing in China: Video Interview: David Kenney from Hall Chadwick on ShineWing Link

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We recently interviewed David Kenney, Managing Partner at Hall Chadwick and asked him about Hall Chadwick and their established link with China’s biggest domestically owned accounting firm, ShineWing Certified Public Accountants.

See youtube clip and transcripts below. [watch more videos here]

Dave thanks for talking to us. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at Hall Chadwick.

Hall Chadwick is a national firm of chartered accountants, personally I’m a corporate services and tax partner. I’m also the managing partner of Hall Chadwick.

And what’s actually happening between Hall Chadwick and ShineWing.

Well firstly it’s not a merger, to give you some background; ShineWing is one of the largest Chinese firms or domestic Chinese firms in China. We believe for our own clients it’s a very strategic link as we have many clients in mining and agriculture and parts of the world.

The thing is for us and our clients it’s really just a value add through having additional resources and additional know how, we’ve already got a lot of clients that are very successfully trading in China and vise versa Chinese clients trading in Australia. But there’s no doubt that the depth and the contacts and the resources that ShineWing brings to the table are exceptional, being the largest domestic Chinese firm.

What are some the things to watch out for in terms of business trading in China?

Well (I mean) doing business in our own backyards is fraught with danger but you take it to overseas and that’s a brand new level of risk and danger and things can go wrong and when they do they go wrong at a higher escalated value (I guess). But really having people on the ground knowing who’s who, what resources we have there. Tried and tested and people that are looking to co-operate with us as allies. That, we think is going to further enhance our clients that are there but also new clients or clients that want to step foot into China, and do that in a way that will you know ensure that their risks are minimized to a greater degree.

It goes without saying to most people that China is not Australia, if your business works here it doesn’t necessarily  mean it will work overseas in China. I’ve seen lots of people that have assumed that for example consumer products that Australians have adopted will work in China. There’s different tastes, their different centers, people think of China as the country but regionally people will only buy certain products and you need to do your research, your homework.

Dave, thanks very much for talking to us.

Thank you very much!

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