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When you think of successful entrepreneurs, a few names come to mind. But I don’t think you can go past the one and only Sir Richard Branson.

What if you could sit down with him and pick his brain? Ask him after all his trials and tribulations, successes and failure what he deems are the top tips in building ones business.

Well if you were lucky enough to attend a breakfast event held in Melbourne by the Women’s National networking organisation, Business Chicks and hosted by Carrie Bickmore you would have seen the man himself offer his 6 top tips on building your business! However for those of you who didn’t, fear not Smart Business Ideas website has published his 6 top tips!

A fantastic read for anyone looking to start a business, grow a business or just stay fresh with their existing business. It’s always great to listen to advice from someone who has been there done that (again and again and again).

See link below.


What’s your top business tip?


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