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I was reading an article today on SMH ( talks about the big banks and the level of customer satisfaction when it comes to small business.

It seems that SMEs turning over 5 million or less per year are the ones who feel the most unsatisfied.

In a survey conducted by Roy Morgan, none of the majors can claim satisfaction levels above 61%. This covers not only the basics such as every day transactions, credit cards and loans but in the key areas of service. Such as, maintaining regular contact, having a good understanding of specific industries and having good knowledge of the specific firm in question.

I suppose this comes as no shock; you can’t open up a finance publication or click on a finance website without stumbling upon an article talking about the big banks and their lack of support to small business.  It seems that in general SMEs feel neglected by the banks and that not as much attention is paid to them compared to the banks bigger customers.

Here at AR Cash Flow, we are experiencing increased levels of enquiry by small businesses that can’t get funding from the banks and if they have, they’re not feeling comfortable with the level of service they are receiving.  Because we fund only to SME’s – they are our core focus. We take the time to get to know exactly what their business does, how they operate, their customers, their current financial state. We choose to fund their business based on opportunities we know they can capitalilse on rather than base our financing solely on their assets.

We are interested and dedicated to growing your business and believe that personal attention is paramount in any funding relationship. If we don’t know your business, how can we service you the best possible way?

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