Spending too much on Research and Development (R & D) that prevents you from meeting day to day expenses? We’ve got you covered!

 In Cash Flow, R & D tax incentive funding

When business owners approach lenders for funding, they usually think of what collateral they are asked to provide. The normal list would be properties, plant and equipment, motor vehicles, jewellery or any valuable assets etc. AR Cash Flow is no ordinary lender in that we are able to support our clients that are not in possession of these usual forms of collateral.

Summary of the scenario:

  • The client is a leading developer of innovative technology
  • The client has been investing heavily in research and development that it does not have enough capital to cope with day-to-day expenses

The client was introduced to AR Cash Flow by our insurance partner. Being a leading manufacturer of technology, the client had to spend a significant amount of time and capital in research and development in order to keep providing its customers with the best and most updated technology.  The client has obtained the government tax incentive for the R & D expenses. However, it usually takes time to access this type of funding. The timing mismatch creates a real problem for the client to cope with its long-overdue expenses and day to day activities.

AR Cash Flow quickly understood the issue and offered them a deal subjected to a verification being done on the R & D tax rebate. This is a great solution for the client as it helps the client to maintain its core activities to its customers and creditors while keeping up to date with the latest technology through R & D.

If you are in a similar situation, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Daniel Dunsford on 0432 822 949 or email him at [email protected]

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