Invoice Finance, What Will My Customers Think?

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Finding out what your customers think can be hard work. That is why we made this video.

Watch this video to learn:

  • What people on the street think about Invoice Finance. It may not be as obvious as you think.
  • What we are prepared to do to get answers.

We follow in Lara Bingle’s steps and allow cameras to film us on our quest to find the truth.

Click on the video and watch us hit the town and/or read the transcript below.

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Julia:                Hi guys. Julia from AR Cash Flow here. I sent Daniel out today to find out what people really think of invoice finance. So off Daniel went to find out exactly what people think of invoice financing.

Daniel:             Excuse me, guys, can I ask you a few questions about finance?

Excuse me sir, do you want to say a few words for the camera?

Man 1:            No sorry.

Julia:                First he found people who didn’t want to talk to us. Then we found people who just didn’t know what invoice finance was.

Daniel:             Do you know anything about invoice finance?

Man 2:            Invoice finance?

Daniel:             Yeah.

Man 2:            No, I don’t.

Daniel:             Okay. Thanks. So far so good.

Daniel:         Excuse me girls, do you want to say a few words for the camera? About invoice finance? Thanks. That’s a good start.

Julia:                Daniel was beginning to lose hope until finally we found people who knew what invoice finance was.

Daniel:             Sir, have you heard of invoice finance?

Man 3:            I have.

Daniel:             And what do you think about people that use it?

Man 3:            I think it’s a great way to get a business started. It’s just like a bank overdraft. It provides cash flow. Gives you an opportunity to your grow your business, especially if you don’t have a solid asset base that you can lend against. It’s good. I think there’s a lot of people using it, and I think it’s a resource that should be explored more.

Daniel:             Well, thanks very much.

Man 3:            Thanks, mate.

Daniel:             Excuse me sir. Have you heard of invoice finance?

Man 4:            Yeah, I’ve heard of invoice finance.

Daniel:             And what do you think about it ?

Man 4:            Oh, it’s good. If you just want to get some cash flow financing and get some money upfront, it’s a good way of locking up your debtors.

Daniel:             Excellent. Thanks very much.

Man 4:            All right. Thank you.

Daniel:             Excuse me, sir. Have you heard of invoice finance?

Man 5:            I’ve heard of it. Yes.

Daniel:             What do you think about companies that are using it?

Man 5:            I think it’s a good idea. It frees up cash flow, and I think a lot of businesses that I’ve come across are using it now. So I don’t think it’s a problem at all.

Daniel:             Oh, that’s great. Thanks for your time.

Man 5:            No worries. Thanks a lot.

Daniel:             Have you heard of invoice finance?

Man 6:            Yes, I have.

Daniel:             And what do you think about companies that use it?

Man 6:            It’s good. It frees up some cash flow. So no, it’s a good concept.

Daniel:             Thank you very much.

Man 7:            I love it.

Daniel:             Excellent. Thanks.

Julia:                So there you have it guys. Most people don’t know what invoice finance is, but those who do, they love it.

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page at, or for an appointment call me at the office on the 1-300 number. Thanks guys.

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