Invoice Finance costs and the impact on profitability (training video)

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In this weeks video I am going to provide an example of how invoice finance can effect profitability. The situation this applies to is that of a business that cannot grow because of a lack of cash flow.

The beauty of this video is that I have used real numbers from a real client (I have changed the client’s name). If you have any comments or questions about this video please let me know. This video covers factoring and invoice discounting, if you would like to know how it applies to you or your client’s situation then I am more than happy to have a chat.

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  • daniel

    I used the girl running on the beach picture because she is training, must have been subliminal 🙂

  • X.Merino

    I like the presentation and the opportunity to see in black and white what a healthy cash flow can do to business growth. I was surprised to see that the case study shown had the opportunity to double turn over with a minimum of investment.
    Obviously demand for their product and service and sales were already in place.
    I agree, SME stop their own growth by neglecting primarily their cash flow.
    I enjoy the video testimonials.
    Keep up the good work!

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