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Why Invoice Factoring?

  • Invoice Factoring is a line of credit against your outstanding invoices. It is effectively a non-collateralised overdraft facility (no bricks and mortar).
  • Factoring is when a business sells its receivables debts (invoices) to a factor (financier).
  • With full service Factoring there is no option for a confidential facility and all information is usually disclosed. This helps greatly in the collection process.
  • The financier does the debt collecting. This frees up your A/R staff and is provided free of charge.
  • One other difference between Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting is that Invoice Factoring is the sale of receivables as opposed to Invoice Discounting, which is borrowing where the receivable is used as security.

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  • Anybody coming into the wine industry has to invest a lot in equipment. Return on capital in the wine industry is not great. Most of our customers are on open credit. So we invest in the inventory, we send it out, then we’ve got to wait 3-4 months before the money comes back in, so someone like AR (Cashflow)makes a big difference to us because a lot of that cash we can access immediately. There are a whole range of things that we can do to make things a lot easier for ourselves. Obviously outsourcing and minimizing capital investment is one thing, utilizing AR is another.

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