Inventory Finance

Fund up to 100% of new purchases

Purchase new stock, take on larger orders and pay suppliers on time.

Inventory Finance is a flexible funding option which provides cash to take on larger orders, pay suppliers on time and ensure growth opportunities are not missed. It bridges the cash flow gap between your customers ordering goods, raising an invoice and getting paid. You maintain the relationship with your clients and collect payments against outstanding invoices – we provide the cash to support you.

Inventory finance will pay your supplier freeing up more cash. This leaves you with the opportunity to purchase more products, turnaround faster on customer orders, increase your sales and eliminate the stress of waiting for customers to pay their invoice.

  • Facilities ranging from $15,000 – $2,000,000
  • Flexible terms and structures with no monthly minimums
  • Privately funded enabling fast setup times
  • Funding available Australia wide

Flexible options

In addition, we can provide ongoing working capital by providing an immediate cash advance against the value of your unpaid invoices. Each invoice you raise, AR Cash Flow will release up to 100% of its value within 24 hours. The remaining balance, less a small fee will be paid to you once your customer pays the invoice in full.

  • Anybody coming into the wine industry has to invest a lot in equipment. Return on capital in the wine industry is not great. Most of our customers are on open credit. So we invest in the inventory, we send it out, then we’ve got to wait 3-4 months before the money comes back in, so someone like AR (Cashflow)makes a big difference to us because a lot of that cash we can access immediately. There are a whole range of things that we can do to make things a lot easier for ourselves. Obviously outsourcing and minimizing capital investment is one thing, utilizing AR is another.

    Ian Yarraman Wines
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