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If you have ever referred a small business client to invoice finance, then you may have experienced the rejection.

Rejection because the financier has told you that there are not enough customers. This is known as a lack of ‘debtor spread’. A lot of small businesses only ever have a few customers at most.

The result is that a lot of small businesses have not qualified for invoice finance. This is frustrating because invoice finance’s choice client is ‘small business’.

If you are a small business (less than $25m turnover) and;

  1. Only have a small number of quality large customers
  2. Are experiencing rapid growth, but don’t have enough working capital to be able to take advantage of the growth
  3. Would like to grow your business by taking advantage of a flexible line of credit;

Then you must call AR Cash Flow. Our entrepreneurial cash flow based funding is designed to support small business growth. Yes, we can – fund single debtors –  new businesses – increase your line of credit as you grow without red tape.

This type of product was offered within Australia prior to to the GFC but has since been retracted by more mainstream financiers. AR Cash Flow is now bringing it back on line. The key criteria is that you must be dealing with large ‘blue chip’ debtors. It is also paramount that you MUST have solid paperwork.

Please do not hesitate to call me should you have any comments or questions. Your can get in contact with our office on 1300 652 158.

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