Got a huge tax debt for your business? We can help you.

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Summary of the deal:
Our client had a huge tax debt that needed to be paid within 5 days otherwise shut down of the business was imminent.
• Our client had approached many lenders who could not help with the situation given the tight timeframe.
• Unlike other lenders, AR Cash Flow managed to pay off the debt for the client which saved the business from ceasing trade.

Our client was referred to AR Cash Flow by our broker. They were in a distressed situation that they would have to cease trading their business if the ATO debt was not repaid within 5 working days. All other lenders could not help with the tight timeframe.

AR Cash Flow quickly assessed the situation and offered to provide funds secured by their land property. AR Cash Flow completed the valuation of our client’s rural land within 2 business days. Legal documents went out the next day and the funds were available to our client within the following day. AR Cash Flow settled the loan within 4 days – one day ahead of the deadline.

The funds from AR Cash Flow helped the client greatly and came as a huge relief to keep their business in operation.

If you have a similar situation please contact Daniel Dunsford on 0432 822 949 (02 8074 2674) or email him at [email protected]

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