Fashion Business Grows To 1000 Stores Worldwide In Under 5 Years

 In Cash Flow, Debtor Finance, Trade & Inventory Finance

At AR Cash Flow we get excited when we can partner up with a company that is not only successful but also growing and expanding with every sale.

If clients can use our product to leverage themselves and catapult their business into massive growth and financial success then we are ecstatic.

Australian Fashion Labels has done just that. Husband and wife team, Melanie and Dean Flintoft started their business 4 and half years ago and have been going from strength to strength ever since.

In an article featured on, Dean points out “If you had the money you could turn it into a $50 million business tomorrow because we could get the orders but funding is always the thing…cash flow”

Australian Fashion Labels came to us because they were continuing to grow, they had a great spread of customers and a decent ledger however their existing bank debtor facility didn’t allow them enough working capital to maintain the business and fund new orders locally and internationally. So AR Cash Flow put in a Debtor facility along with a Purchase Order Facility that allowed them to complete their existing back-log of orders as well as fund the day to day operations.

Today Australian Fashion Labels is a multi million-dollar company, with its labels Finds Keepers, Cameo and Keepsake stocked by over 1000 retailers internationally. Dean explains,  “At the beginning of 2011 we were doing about 6-8000 units a month and now we’re doing well over 30,000 units a month – and growing every month.

With the likes of trend setters Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie flocking to wear their stuff and international retailer ASOS stocking their designs, it seems Australian Fashion Labels are well on their way to global domination.

For more information on Trade and Debtor Finance, you can download our detailed white papers here. Alternatively if you would like to schedule an appointment with a Product Specialist, contact us on 02 9960 7933 or email me at [email protected]

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