Already Have Finance In Place With A Bank? Can You Still Use Debtor Finance?

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Case Study: Processed Materials client with a $300K facility.

In this video you will learn;

  1. Why this was such a great deal for this client
  2. One unexpected element that can greatly impact on your transaction! (You’ll never guess what)
  3. How you can use our finance to complement your existing banking lines

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Watch the video and/or read the transcript below

Julia: Hi guys, Julia from AR Cash Flow here. Welcome back to another
exciting instalment of our case studies segment. This is Daniel as you
know. Today, Daniel, we’re going to be talking through a debtor finance and
purchase order finance combined deal with a client who specialises in
processed materials, with a facility limit of 300K. Daniel, why don’t you
start with telling everybody why we were so excited by this deal.

Daniel: Yeah. The reason why we’re so excited is because he had a great
profit margin. He makes a lot of money out of his imports. It
was all boarding to purchase order. He has paperwork evidencing
that those purchase orders exist.

Julia: Tick.

Daniel: Although his clients are not BHP or Rio Tinto, he’s got a good
spread of customers here in Australia. And also, if he doesn’t
sell the product to one of the customers, he can sell it to
another pretty easily. So if the order gets cancelled . . .

Julia: That’s ideal.

Daniel: Yeah. First and foremost though, when we first came into
contact with this client, he had the right mindset. His attitude
was let’s just do it on a small scale first, get it working, see
if it works for him as well as for us, and if it does, then we
can grow the facility from there. The other thing to point out
in this transaction is we are working in conjunction with
another bank, and that’s the key takeaway I think from this
transaction is that you need the right mindset, firstly and
foremost, and also you need to be . . .

Julia: And people wouldn’t really think that that’s an important
point, but it is, isn’t it/

Daniel: It’s probably pretty critical that you . . .

Julia: Because it all comes down to how well you get along with your
financier as well.

Daniel: It does. I mean, we have a specific way that we work. I mean,
we’re pretty flexible.

Julia: Yeah.

Daniel: But we do have some things that are non-negotiable, and it
always helps when the client understands that we’ve got
parameters we’ve got to work within to help them.

Julia: Exactly. Great.

Daniel: Yeah. So just going back to my point, which I wanted to make in
this case study is that it is possible for us to work in
conjunction with other banks and where you do have existing
facilities in place.

Julia: Excellent. So what was the challenge about this particular

Daniel: This deal didn’t really have any real challenges. I just wanted
to show a case that is a really good deal for us and just to
point out the mindset and the fact that we can work in
conjunction with other banks.

Julia: Yeah. Good point. All right. Well, thanks Daniel. Guys, call
the office on the 1300 number to book an appointment with a
product specialist, and again, thanks for watching.

Daniel: Thank you.


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