Ebook For Entrepreneurs Out There Who Dare To Dream

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This is awesome! A must read for all you entrepreneurs out there who dare to dream! This is a fantastic read.

Go to the below site and download this ebook.


Nokia is promoting their new range of smart phones and in line with this they have launched an online eBook called inhindsight. It features the stories of 7 successful and savvy entrepreneurs and their paths to growing thriving and lucrative businesses. It includes the likes of Brian Singer and Doug Warbrick founders of Rip Curl, Jamie Fuller CEO of Skins and Shelley Barrett founder of Model Co.

Just such a fabulous and inspirational read highlighting how the path to success is never a straight road.

Along with their story, they each provide honest and useful  tips  and I especially like the notes section of the book where each entrepreneur writes a note to “their start up self” warning themselves of things to expect and how to deal with certain situations.

Happy Reading!!!


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