Confidential Invoice Finance For The SME

 In Confidential Invoice Finance, Trade & Inventory Finance

Small businesses can now take advantage of what the big banks are only offering to large businesses.

– Up to $1,000,000 facilities available.

Does your business have the following challenges?

  1. You have tried to secure an overdraft with the bank but do not have the bricks and mortar security to qualify
  2. You are in a growth phase and as a result your business needs working capital to take advantage of the growth
  3. Invoice finance would be perfect for your business, but you would like to keep your financial arrangements undisclosed to your customers

With a Confidential Invoice Finance facility, you can get all of the benefits of invoice finance without the need to disclose your arrangements to your customers.

For more information about the results invoice finance can deliver visit;

For urgent enquiries, please call our product specialists direct on 02 9960 7933.

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