Broker commissions are about to explode – in a good way!

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Contrary to popular belief in the finance broking market place, commissions are set to go nuts.
I am just putting my finishing touches on a free book that is going to teach you how to grow your comission as a finance broker and give you the life you have dreamed of (sounds corny, but after all it is effectively a sales manual). All this will be possible in this supposedly ‘collapsing’ finance market.

Over the years I have been to many bank’s accreditation days and the biggest problem with them is that all they teach you is about their product. I have never attended an accreditation that teaches you how to actually sell the product. I am going to try to change that.

Here below is the list of chapters that are in the book.

1. Why you need this book
2. The secret that will help you excel as a finance broker
3. The benefits of factoring
4. So what is factoring?
5. Why should any business factor its receivables?
6. How to identify opportunities & generate business
7. How to present your offer
8. Some killer marketing methods
9. How to make a successful website for your business
10. Setting up referrals with accountants
11. Some do’s and don’ts
12. In conclusion… some valuable success tips

Even if you get one thing from my book then it is worth it. However, it will be a valuable training tool for introducers with little or no experience all the way through to seasoned professionals.

If this post wets your appetite then you will love the book!

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