Get Back to Basics & Learn From Your Mistakes

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I think the key to making the most out of your business is to constantly coach yourself on new ways to improve. Stay on top of your game if you will.

There are so many articles and websites which offer tips and fresh ideas plus remind you of good old fashion ways to save on cash and essentially earn you more of the dollar!

I came across an article today on smh business ( that does exactly that. It outlines as they call it “10 worst wealth-busting blunders”

I thought it was interesting because many of the points are just going back to basics. It’s the obvious things that most of us have put away in a box and forgot to retrieve. Things like starting out in a more affordable premise. We are all so obsessed with image and trying to look like we’ve made it. But I think the saying “Fake it to you make it” applies here. Don’t buy the horse before the cart or the chicken before the eggs have hatched? You get the point. In business you really need to live within your means particularly in the growth period. Sure your office might not be what you dream for the future but it’s what is has to be now in order for you to grow.

Another point I found interesting was “Learn from your mistakes” Seems simple enough doesn’t it? But I think that people tend to get an idea in their head and try as hard as they can to make it work. Note to self “Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” If something isn’t working, change it up and try something else. This continuous mistake could really cost you.

And finally – the most simple point of them all and probably the most obvious. You need passion. Passion for your product, Passion for your business plan, passion for your growth! Passion passion passion! If you have an attitude that’s about as enthusiastic as going to the dentist then how can your business really thrive? You need to believe in what you are doing as that will drive you even further to make the cash you need to stay afloat.

Anyway check out the article for yourself I think raises some good points and refreshes the brain on some simple yet effective tactics to take in growing your business.


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