AR Cash Flow Debtor Finance Caramelises Future of Manufacturing (training video)

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AR Cash Flow has successfully applied debtor finance facilities to rapidly growing manufacturing and wholesaler without the need for real estate security and red tape.

Their latest deal has been done for Cintra Estate, originally from the Hunter Valley, who are very pleased with the reduced pressure on their cash flow as a result of debtor finance.

Debtor Finance is fast becoming the predominant method to finance rapidly growing companies. The latest data revealed debtor finance turnover for the June quarter 2009 reached $15.6 billion, up on March quarter’s figures of $14.9 million; while turnover in the debtor finance industry has climbed 58 percent over the past three years (according to the Institute of Factors and Discounters).

Managing Director, Cintra Estate, Matthew Robinson remarks in the video:

  • The vinegar market is a growing market and there are not that many producers
  • The competitors are predominantly from overseas
  • The vinegars are used in cooking, on salads and over fresh oysters
  • The vinegars are sold mainly to restaurants, specialty grocers and butchers
  • They are now exporting internationally as well
  • International trade has been driven by Austrade
  • The biggest challenge in the Cintra Estate business was cash flow until they started dealing with AR Cash Flow
  • Every time there was money in the bank it would go to the next order
  • They can now fulfill orders with confidence

AR Cash Flow focuses on helping small businesses grow and increase their profits by delivering working capital supported by the business itself. If you would like to know more please do not hesitate to call 1300 652 158.

Cintra Estate Caramelised Vinegars

Cintra Estate Caramelised Vinegars

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