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Debtor Finance

Immediate cash advance against the value of your unpaid invoices

Debtor Finance is when a business sells their invoices to a financier at a discount price to inject much needed cash into the business.

With Debtor Finance, a business doesn’t need property collateral to qualify, instead the invoice itself is used as security.

Jump start your cash flow and gain instant access to working capital through unpaid invoices.


Reasons why you would use debtor/invoice finance or factoring?

  • The more you work, the busier you get, the less money you seem to have in the bank
  • Constantly waiting for invoices to be paid which puts pressure on expenses
  • If you took on any more customers or orders, you’d struggle to make payroll and pay suppliers
  • You approached the Bank but they want to tie-up all your assets
  • Your credit history is either insufficiently established or poor
  • You’re able to take advantage of early payment discounts with creditors and suppliers
  • Facilities ranging from $150,000 – $1,000,000
  • Flexible terms and structures
  • Privately funded enabling faster setup times
  • Funding available Australia wide & Internationally
  • Property security is not a requirement

How it works:

  • You create goods or perform a service
  • You invoice your customer
  • You then send AR Cash Flow a copy of the invoice
  • We pay you up to 100% of the invoice within 24 hours
  • Your customer pays the invoice
  • We then pay you the balance less a small administration fee

Key Benefits:

  • Funds to you within 24 hours of invoicing – no more waiting up to 120 days for payment
  • Meet payroll and supplier expenses
  • Real estate (plant/equip) security not a requirement
  • Enables early payment discounts from suppliers+ economies of scale through bulk buys
  • Optimise stock levels and workflow
  • You can receive debtor financing even if you have only 1 or 2 customers
  • Anybody coming into the wine industry has to invest a lot in equipment. Return on capital in the wine industry is not great. Most of our customers are on open credit. So we invest in the inventory, we send it out, then we’ve got to wait 3-4 months before the money comes back in, so someone like AR (Cashflow)makes a big difference to us because a lot of that cash we can access immediately. There are a whole range of things that we can do to make things a lot easier for ourselves. Obviously outsourcing and minimizing capital investment is one thing, utilizing AR is another.

    Ian Yarraman Wines
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